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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Maintenance

Posted by in roof maintenance company | November 24, 2017
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There is a common saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” And roof maintenance seems to go by this philosophy. The basic idea behind maintaining a roof is simple- to prevent further damages. The roof of your house is susceptible to the most amount of damage. It is exposed to sun rays, snow, rain and natural elements of all sorts. With so much to endure, your roof deserves maintenance. You are not a stranger to the work that the roof does; and without a healthy roof, your house can crumble down.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Maintaining And Protecting Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Posted by in roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company,roofing companies adelaide,roofing contractors adelaide | July 10, 2017
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Roofs are the most important part of a house as it provides protection against the wrath of nature like sun rays, rain, snow and the wind. Homeowners make a big investment when constructing the roof for they act as the envelope that holds the rest of the structure together. Thus, picking good materials and employing the right tools is pivotal.

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The Summer Essential Roof Maintenance Tips To Be Followed By Everyone

Posted by in roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | April 5, 2017
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Summer being the hottest time of the year, just like your body, even the roof of your property also requires special care and protection. The damage than the scorching sun can cause to your roof is beyond your imagination, and hence you need to maintain it to keep it in a very stable condition. Neglecting its importance in this weather might bring in a lot of troubles, and you might have to replace the whole surface with a new roof layer costing a huge amount.

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Efficient Ways To Maintain Your Roof On A Regular Basis

Posted by in roof maintenance company | December 19, 2016
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A roof is a very important part of the house. It envelopes the house and protects it from the various forces of nature. An integral part of all architectural structures, they are characterized by the type of the building, the place where the structure is built and also the purpose of it. The durability of this part of the house is of pivotal importance given it is least accessible. Hence, maintaining the tiles and slates require your full attention. It is a matter of concern to use correct materials to construct this portion of your home. Though the elements used to build them come with warranty, you should supervise the cleaning and maintaining of the roof regularly. This requires understanding the dimensions of the rooftop, which can be identified as follows.


When to start maintaining a roof?

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have lived under a number of entrapments to protect themselves from the dangers that the outside world offered. We may feel absolutely secure inside our houses, but it is the roof that bears the maximum blows. Rain, snow, wind and sunlight can wear and tear the sustainability of the roof. So before it perishes into a painful expiry, inspect it. Following the general rules, you are supposed to examine the top of your house twice every year. With a number of roof maintenance company in business, you can be rest assured that they will fix and restore with utmost dedication.

Remove debris, moss and mould

The first process in maintaining the roof is the complete removal of any kind of obstruction or added weight that can put it under a lot of pressure. Make sure to access the rooftop with caution. You would definitely want to remove these wreckages manually or using a wide brush. Pressure washing can be a risky process because it can loosen the tiles. It is best to take professional help, for this procedure can be very risky and hazardous.

Clean all the openings

After the debris is removed carefully, the nest step is to clean all the openings that may include chimneys, vents and skylights. Use chimney brush and brooms to clear all the obstacles. Carefully check for any broken or chipped chimney tile and if accessible, then change it. Make sure the vent openings are clean and free of any kind restrictions. Opt for soft clothes and soap water when washing the skylights.

Redecorate the roof

There are a variety of methods to refurbish the top of your house. While buffing removes any chalky deposits on the roof with a rug, priming comprises the process of using a primer to give a shine to the roof. You can further use paint to give it a nice look. Ensure to seal any forced opening in the roof. If you deem necessary then change the tiles before then break and fall off.

Cleaning and maintaining a roof can be a time consuming and expensive process. It contains a lot of dangers for there are high chances of slipping and falling, which may end up in serious injuries. But you can let your anxiety rest for prominent companies are now offering roof maintenance Adelaide that will help you give a longer life to your house. There are experts available at your disposal at a price which is cost effective and affordable.

3 Simple Ways to Save Big Dollars of Roof Replacement Cost

Posted by in high pressure cleaning adelaide,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance company | October 19, 2016

Replacing roof is costly and can leave a big hole in your pockets. The best (and easiest) way to save this cost is not to get your roof replaced in the first place. There are few simple and cost-effective ways to extend the longevity of your roof and overlap the needs to get it replaced anytime soon.

What are they?

Here are three easy ways to save hundreds of dollars of your your roof replacement cost-

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Three Types Of Pressure Washers That Are Used By The Professionals!

Posted by in high pressure cleaning adelaide,high pressure cleaning services Adelaide,Pressure cleaning Adelaide,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | September 15, 2016
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Whether you have been using or not using the high pressure cleaning services, you must be aware of its function, in case you require it. Be it your driveway, patio or roof, pressure washing is suitable for all the concrete areas. It cleans all the dirt, mud and stains from the surface and restores the original appearance of the floor.

High pressure cleaning services Adelaide are easily available with some agencies and can be quite cost effective. Here is what you need to know about pressure washers that the professionals work with.

Light Duty:

These ones generate pressure below 2000 PSI and have the power of 100 bars. The high pressure cleaning services Adelaide use these pressure washers to clean the cars, trucks, bicycles, patio and garden furniture that need lighter pressure.

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Medium Duty:

Those with a power of 110 bars are called medium duty pressure washer. These jet sprays usually generate between 2000 to 2800 PSI. They don’t differ much from the light duty ones but can be used for decks, patios, fences and sidewalks.

Heavy Duty:

These pressure washers produce 2900 t0 3000 PSI and work best for a variety of pressure cleaning jobs. Starting from small areas such as patio, decks and sidewalks to the large areas like driveways and roof.

Different Parts Of The Pressure Washers:

These pressure washers have three parts. These are comprised of a petrol engine or electric motor, a hose that is connected to the motor and a nozzle with a trigger switch.

The high pressure cleaning in Adelaide is done either by electric pressure washers or gas washers.

The roof maintenance companies in Adelaide also use pressure cleaning method to offer their customers the best and most affordable services.

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The pressure washing method also has many benefits as they help prevent damages and protect the roof and other concrete spaces.


5 easy roof maintenance tips before the monsoon sets in

Posted by in ridge capping installation,ridge capping repairs,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | August 20, 2016
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Monsoon in Australia could be a bit brutal. Ask hundreds of house owners who every year has to face the wrath of this season with broken roof shingles, chipped ridge capping and leakages, so many, that could literally pool-up a tank in a day. And as the season dawns, comes a need (again) to spend heaps on restoring or, worse, replacing the whole roof—this is only after weeks of stress, discomfort and cussing, of course.

Some never learn! You don’t be one of those ‘some’ though. Here are 5 quick and easy roof maintenance tips to help you get on your feet and look after your roof before the monsoon sets in.

1. Clean off the debris and fungal growth


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Aside the fact that debris and fungal growth on shingles look quite unappealing, it also damages the whole roof in the long run, making it weaker. Clean it off. Use organic sprays. Pressure cleaning is a better option though, if there’s too much to clean.

2. Check your gutter

Unchecked and unclean gutter cause drainage problems, which could be quite a pain in monsoon. Leaves and debris usually blocks the water flow, which could severely damage the roof, causing fungal growth and leakages.

3. Fix few cracks using chipped tile repair kit Australia


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It’s common that few roof tiles are broken or falling apart. You don’t need to hassle. Just hit the market, buy chipped tile repair kit, which is quite affordable these days, and become a roof doctor yourself.

4. Attend flashings and ensure the joints are covered properly

One of the biggest reasons of leakage is damaged flashings around chimneys, vents, skylights and satellites. Usually of metal, they contract or expand due to different temperature which disturbs their position. Fix them immediately.

5. Dial Roofing contractors

Sometimes DIY doesn’t help. Maybe the damage is real big, or the roof is very old and risks of falling if you climb over it. Contacting a good roof maintenance Adelaide company is a good idea. Whether its leakage, tiles replacement or ridge capping installation, these professionals offer top-notch services with warranty period and charge quite low.

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So follow these 5 tips and get your roof fixed before monsoon sets in and cause you all sorts of trouble.

You Need Roofers… Even If Your Roof Isn’t Falling Down

Posted by in Roof Doctors,roof maintenance company,roof painting adelaide,roof painting Adelaide cost,Roof Repairs Adelaide,roof restoration companies,roofing companies adelaide | July 28, 2016
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For some people, an evident and the only tell-tale sign that makes them think “huh, maybe my roof needs maintenance work” is when a chunk of their ceiling fall right on their faces while they are sleeping- dreaming of a perfect world and a perfect house.

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The roofing contractors of Adelaide- Helping you SAVE money (lots of it!)

Posted by in chipped tile repair kit Australia,high pressure cleaning services Adelaide,ridge capping installation,Roof Doctors Adelaide,roof maintenance company,Roof Repairs Adelaide,roof restoration gold coast Australia,roofing contractors adelaide | July 21, 2016
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Some people stall fixing those very visible cracks and chips on their roof shingles, assessing they are saving money. While it might look like they really are saving, the fact is just the contrary. If anything, they are just paving a wide way to a big future expense.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ heard that, didn’t you?

Just like anything, after a period, the roofs wear off. And it needs roof doctors. Delaying to dial the professionals only makes the condition of the roofs worse. Small cracks let the water through in, which subsequently allows crack to grow wide and let moulds and rots form on the ceiling. This altogether weakens the whole roof, eventually arising the need to fully replace the roof. And this is a much costly task- time consuming and needless to add, very stressful.

So instead of the cure of this problem, why not prevent it from transcending itself into something permanent at an early stage?

Roofing contractors Adelaide based helping you save money

A good roofing contractor offers a wide range of services under a single roof (pun intended); from restoration, ridge capping and maintenance to pressure cleaning, roof painting and tiles repair.

Banking on these services, before the damage in your roof passes the threshold level, can save you money significantly.

These professionals use state of art chipped tile repair kit Australia that ensures to fix the problems from the core and give the roofs a new, longer durability. It costs much less and saves you from spending unnecessarily, in future, on permanent problems.

Roof painting, comes with its own fits that subsequently help people save heaps. First, it enhances the sustainability of shingles that saves you from future costs. Also, with evidence available, white paint coating on the roof helps conserve energy consumption and hence reduces the electricity bill.

White paint coating on roofs reflects away the 90 per cent of sunlight, as oppose to 30-40 per cent of regular paint. This helps the building stay cool even on long summer days, which consequently reduces the energy consumption by 10-40 per cent. Result- electricity bill is reduced considerably. Besides, energy consumption indirectly reduces pollution, which makes it a nice practice for everyone to keep up with the global ‘Go Green’ revolution.

So have you been stalling the maintenance work of your roof, thinking you’re saving from ‘unnecessary expense’- you’re way off! Hire good roofing contractors Adelaide based and SAVE (really!).

Best 4 Benefits of Painting and Coating for Aged Roofs

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide,roof maintenance company,roof painting adelaide,roofing companies adelaide,roofing contractors adelaide | July 15, 2016

Does your roof require a refurbishment? The advanced roofing system with coating and painting ensures excellent service for your roof, increasing its life further. In fact these processes have received great recognition in the recent years for repairing the restoring the ceiling, depending on rigid environmental conditions and building regulations. However, these programs have proved to be an economical and practical solution for renovating aging roofs. Here are some other benefits that these roof managing programs are offering. Check out!

Increases roof life

If you hire the roofing contractors adelaide, they can coat and restore the aged roof as well as repair the broken places to a condition which is maintainable. In case there is a leakage and the amount of wet insulation is low, the professionals identify and fix the affected areas and later coat and paint them. However, subsequent coating and painting for a certain period of time with timely monitoring can extend your roof’s life. Plus, reflective coatings diminish the harmful effects of UV rays and heat, ensuring better longevity of the roof.

Reduces energy consumption

The emissive and reflective properties of these coating processes have great benefits. Besides extending the roof life, they can decrease the temperature and energy consumption during the day by reducing the amount of load taken by the HVAC system.

Aesthetic improvements

If you have a metal roof that has moderately aged and shows signs of prefinished areas, they can be repaired with wonderful coating. As opposed to traditional coating system which is quite ineffective in restoring the roof, the latest procedure consists of Kynar pigments which help reconstructing the roof to an aesthetically pleasing condition.

Microclimate management

In low slope roofs, water logging is a very common thing. Owing to this, the roofing membranes tend to be highly affected with eventual leakage and premature deterioration. In fact if the membrane is exposed to contaminants, it can lead to localized failure of the entire roofing system. But with the help of roof painting adelaide, the coating properties and applications, once applied to the affected areas, can prevent structural deterioration, leaks, wet insulation and premature replacement.