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Got a leaking roof? Don’t worries, Roof Doctors have you covered? We are the expert Adelaide roof contractors you need to get right on the job that’ll make your roof as good as new!

A leaking roof means that the water has managed to find its way through the roof material and it does not reflect well on the integrity of your roof. It can be a cause of serious damage and needs immediate attention. A leaking roof not only causes pooling moisture but also results in unsightly stains and mold. There are many reasons for roof leaks but whatever the cause, Roof Doctors has what it takes to fix the problem before it escalates to a major damage and restore your leaking roof with precision. Our team of roofing contractors can adeptly tackle any roof repairs Adelaide jobs including:

  • Roof Leak Detection
  • Emergency Roof Leak Repair Adelaide
  • Waterproofing
  • Tile Replacement
  • Sheeting and Insulation Repair
  • Guttering and Downpipe Repair
  • Restoration work with precision on any part of the roof
  • Safe & Effective Replacement of damaged parts
  • Roof leak Repair work using the best products and materials on the market


Our leaking roof Adelaide team offers specialist service and can find cracks to make repairs safely and effectively. We fully understand the risks that come with a leaking roof and can conduct a comprehensive inspection to find the source and make repairs to your roof. Whatever the source of your leak, we can take care of it. We have a dedicated team that is committed to attending emergency roof repair Adelaide any time of the day or night and available promptly for any roof restoration arrangements.  Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as roof leak sign such as water stains show up. Once our roof restoration Adelaide team completes the job, your roof will be perfectly restored.

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    Great work. Found holes in our roof and was able to fix them all for us. Very practical and flexible. No job too small or big for them to do.

    - John Lynch

    Fantastic job. Came quickly to the job. Was knowledgeable, efficient and polite. Got the job done and judging from the rain we’ve had since then the leak has been fixed! Thank you. Worth every penny!

    - Elizabeth Hallam

    Overall happy with the work performed. Although due to the weather the job wasn’t completed quickly but as soon as the weather had cleared up Ed was back out and finishing the job. We had our roof leak fixed and ridge caps repointed.

    - Nathan Taylor

    Had these guys fix 2 roof leaks at my townhouse. They came out quickly on both occasions, and found and fixed the cause of the leaks with minimal fuss. Very reliable and easy to deal with. Highly recommend

    - Dominic Hoskin

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