At Roof Doctors we very well know that water is your roof’s worst enemy and ridge capping roof can take care of it for a long time to come. When installing a new roof or renovating an existing roof, one crucial requirement is to prevent water from penetrating any external structural elements. To ensure your roof remains watertight and your home does not succumb to leaking water or moisture, it is essential to hire trusted professionals to carry out installation of ridge capping on your roof.

Roof Doctors can take care of all your ridge capping Adelaide or tile roof capping installation needs to ensure your roof remains structurally sound for as long as possible. Our roofing specialists will repair any gaps in your ridge capping or install a completely new system from scratch.  We use the best materials and techniques in the industry to maximise the durability of each installation.


Ridge capping consists of a tile covering at the ridgeline of your roof and it acts as an extra measure of defense against the weather and rain.  We can even design the capping to match your roof, gutters, and other roof elements. If you need ridge capping work or replacement, or would like further information on ridge capping roof installation for your home, call Roof Doctors today for a free measure and quote.