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The roof is often the most neglected part of the house. Sadly, when some parts get damaged or when the materials wear out over time, it can cause various problems like water leakage on the ceiling and cave-ins during a storm. One of the main reasons people feel adamant about having their roof serviced is the fear that the process can get expensive.

Surely enough, a roof replacement job will most likely cost you a fortune. However, if you act fast enough, you can mitigate the damage with a simple roof restoration job. It’s a more practical and budget-friendly approach for any homeowner here in Adelaide. So, how much exactly do you need to pay for the project?

As the go-to professional for roof restoration Adelaide, we thought of helping you figure out how much money you need to get your roof in tip-top shape once again. Check out our quick and simple guide below.

Average Cost of a Roof Restoration Service in Adelaide

When computing the cost of a roof restoration job in Adelaide, AU, you will need to look at several factors. Some examples of these include the size of the roof, labour costs, and the type of roofing material you prefer to use.

On top of these, you will need to know the extent of the restoration service. That’s because each service comes with a separate cost. Depending on what sort of roof you have, the roofing restoration process may include the following:

  • Removing and replacing the tiles
  • Resealing or realigning the roofing materials
  • Roof repointing
  • Roof repainting

On average, a roof tile replacing service can set you back by around $200 to 500, depending on the size of the damaged or affected area. If you need a repair job for a metal roof, you should prepare about $48 to 58 for every square metre.

The cost can be a bit different if you have cement, terracotta, or tile roofing. Take note that each material has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the problems concerning them would greatly vary as well.

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