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A Comprehensive Guide To Maintaining And Protecting Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Posted by in roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company,roofing companies adelaide,roofing contractors adelaide | July 10, 2017
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Roofs are the most important part of a house as it provides protection against the wrath of nature like sun rays, rain, snow and the wind. Homeowners make a big investment when constructing the roof for they act as the envelope that holds the rest of the structure together. Thus, picking good materials and employing the right tools is pivotal.

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The Summer Essential Roof Maintenance Tips To Be Followed By Everyone

Posted by in roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | April 5, 2017
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Summer being the hottest time of the year, just like your body, even the roof of your property also requires special care and protection. The damage than the scorching sun can cause to your roof is beyond your imagination, and hence you need to maintain it to keep it in a very stable condition. Neglecting its importance in this weather might bring in a lot of troubles, and you might have to replace the whole surface with a new roof layer costing a huge amount.

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To-do things to make your decade-old house look like a new one

Posted by in best roof restoration Adelaide,chipped tile repair kit Australia,roof maintenance Adelaide | October 3, 2016
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“The wand chooses the wizard, remember…” This theory from Harry Potter movies is just as controversial as another, but real, fact that many people fail to grasp—“The houses age too, remember…

Like humans, houses age too. However, they don’t necessarily have to die. There are few things you can do—and you must do—to revitalize your home and extend its longevity to the next generation. Unfortunately many people don’t seem to understand this simple process, eventually ending up with a weak-standing house that now needs a full restoration work, which unsurprisingly cost in thousands.

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Roof Cleaning is an important part of roof maintenance: Best tips to follow

Posted by in Pressure cleaning Adelaide,roof maintenance Adelaide,roof restoration Australia,roofing companies adelaide | September 30, 2016
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When we talk about roof restoration and maintenance, remember that apart from leakage repairing , or painting,  cleaning and washing the roof is equally important.  The accumulation of dirt and waste on the roof only causes it to decay and damage faster, and causes the value of the home to degrade.  To avoid expensive roof restoration mechanisms or the complete replacement of the roof, time to time cleaning is very necessary , and once must check on the waste which gets acclimated in short intervals. The regular the intervals, the better it is to clean up easily, without much hard efforts. A leading roof maintenance company will come to your rescue with the most advanced tools and techniques, and the best team of professionals to clean your roof and make it look grand new!

Thus, here are the five things and tips to follow if you have decided for a cleaning spree of the roof.

The company hired

Remember; it is completely on the hired service providers which will decide the after effect of the cleaning and washing process.  They must be equipped with the proper tools, techniques, cleaning products, and most importantly the best team should be there to end all your woes and do the task with perfection.  The chemicals and other stuffs used shouldn’t at all be causing damage to the whole roof surface, and should increase its durability. Make sure the items are from a reputed brand, and promise the best results.

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Roof algae is a sign of danger

When we talk of the growth of algae on the roof, it doesn’t mean they are aesthetically poor , rather it also means that I they are causing a lot of damage to the roof surface.  T feeds of the shingles or tiles and the limestone filter and completely causing havoc to the quality of the surface.  If not washed and cleaning properly at the right time, this might cause a rapid deterioration of the entire roof ,  affecting your shingles  which will make them impossible to trap the UV rays from entering the house.

It is not overpriced

It is worth the price to call a professional company as they do not generally charge a loathsome amount of money. Also, the pricing shouldn’t be a problem as the roof cleaning in time to time intervals will ensure that you do not end up spending huge while going for a complete roof replacement procedure.  Thus, it is neither overpriced nor a very tough task to undertake.

Algae may not be visible at times

Roof inspection should be done by the professionals time to time so that even though algae growth is not seen , they might be lurking somewhere which only the  roof restoration companies get to notice.  It is always advisable to use preventive measures, so that you do not end up spending a lot of money on the roof replacement procedure.

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Two different ways of roof cleaning

There are two different ways to clean the roof, and both are widely preferred and employed by the best roof restoration Adelaide companies.While in pressure washing high pressure water is sprayed  on the surface to quickly get rid of the dirt and dust , and chemical cleaning or soft washing is used  that uses chemicals to remove the harmful growth of organisms from the roof surface.

Three Types Of Pressure Washers That Are Used By The Professionals!

Posted by in high pressure cleaning adelaide,high pressure cleaning services Adelaide,Pressure cleaning Adelaide,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | September 15, 2016
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Whether you have been using or not using the high pressure cleaning services, you must be aware of its function, in case you require it. Be it your driveway, patio or roof, pressure washing is suitable for all the concrete areas. It cleans all the dirt, mud and stains from the surface and restores the original appearance of the floor.

High pressure cleaning services Adelaide are easily available with some agencies and can be quite cost effective. Here is what you need to know about pressure washers that the professionals work with.

Light Duty:

These ones generate pressure below 2000 PSI and have the power of 100 bars. The high pressure cleaning services Adelaide use these pressure washers to clean the cars, trucks, bicycles, patio and garden furniture that need lighter pressure.

high pressure cleaning services Adelaide

Medium Duty:

Those with a power of 110 bars are called medium duty pressure washer. These jet sprays usually generate between 2000 to 2800 PSI. They don’t differ much from the light duty ones but can be used for decks, patios, fences and sidewalks.

Heavy Duty:

These pressure washers produce 2900 t0 3000 PSI and work best for a variety of pressure cleaning jobs. Starting from small areas such as patio, decks and sidewalks to the large areas like driveways and roof.

Different Parts Of The Pressure Washers:

These pressure washers have three parts. These are comprised of a petrol engine or electric motor, a hose that is connected to the motor and a nozzle with a trigger switch.

The high pressure cleaning in Adelaide is done either by electric pressure washers or gas washers.

The roof maintenance companies in Adelaide also use pressure cleaning method to offer their customers the best and most affordable services.

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The pressure washing method also has many benefits as they help prevent damages and protect the roof and other concrete spaces.


No excuse now for not fixing your bad roof

Posted by in ridge capping repairs,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance Adelaide,roofing companies adelaide,roofing contractors adelaide | August 23, 2016
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Roofs are mortal. They need to be looked after. While sure they age, how long will they last depend on how well you’ve maintained them. But some people don’t seem to grab this concept. Indifferent towards roof shingles for ages, comes a time to spend heaps in fully replacing them. A high cost that could have easily been avoided, if only were the roof taken care of with regular maintenance and restoration work, as well as ridge capping repair at low cost.

There’s no excuse- Roofing contractors Adelaide based are just a dial away


roofing contractors Adelaide

While few years back the reason was legit, there were no good professional roofing companies. And DIY steps for pressure cleaning, roof restoration, leak repairs are a tad too much to follow. However, there are no excuses today. Top professionals in Adelaide and across Australia are available and just a dial away.

And not just that! Their services are quite affordable and offers warranty period and insurance—adding to the ‘no excuse policy’,

Even the quality of their services has better-up significantly. They, today, use state-of-art tools and techniques to offer dramatic and long-lasting results. Also, usually would take a full day or two, years back, to clean, paint or restore the roof, it takes much less time these days; couple of hours is sufficient.

So it’s time to fix that chip that has been there on roof tile for years


ridge capping repairs

There’s no excuse now to not to fix that chip that has lurked on your roof shingles for over a year. Dial a good roofing company. Bank on their efficient services and renew back your roof to its glorious days, before things go worse and you need to invest heaps in replacement work.

5 easy roof maintenance tips before the monsoon sets in

Posted by in ridge capping installation,ridge capping repairs,Roof Doctors,roof maintenance Adelaide,roof maintenance company | August 20, 2016
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Monsoon in Australia could be a bit brutal. Ask hundreds of house owners who every year has to face the wrath of this season with broken roof shingles, chipped ridge capping and leakages, so many, that could literally pool-up a tank in a day. And as the season dawns, comes a need (again) to spend heaps on restoring or, worse, replacing the whole roof—this is only after weeks of stress, discomfort and cussing, of course.

Some never learn! You don’t be one of those ‘some’ though. Here are 5 quick and easy roof maintenance tips to help you get on your feet and look after your roof before the monsoon sets in.

1. Clean off the debris and fungal growth


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Aside the fact that debris and fungal growth on shingles look quite unappealing, it also damages the whole roof in the long run, making it weaker. Clean it off. Use organic sprays. Pressure cleaning is a better option though, if there’s too much to clean.

2. Check your gutter

Unchecked and unclean gutter cause drainage problems, which could be quite a pain in monsoon. Leaves and debris usually blocks the water flow, which could severely damage the roof, causing fungal growth and leakages.

3. Fix few cracks using chipped tile repair kit Australia


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It’s common that few roof tiles are broken or falling apart. You don’t need to hassle. Just hit the market, buy chipped tile repair kit, which is quite affordable these days, and become a roof doctor yourself.

4. Attend flashings and ensure the joints are covered properly

One of the biggest reasons of leakage is damaged flashings around chimneys, vents, skylights and satellites. Usually of metal, they contract or expand due to different temperature which disturbs their position. Fix them immediately.

5. Dial Roofing contractors

Sometimes DIY doesn’t help. Maybe the damage is real big, or the roof is very old and risks of falling if you climb over it. Contacting a good roof maintenance Adelaide company is a good idea. Whether its leakage, tiles replacement or ridge capping installation, these professionals offer top-notch services with warranty period and charge quite low.

ridge capping installation

So follow these 5 tips and get your roof fixed before monsoon sets in and cause you all sorts of trouble.