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4 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Roofing Companies In Adelaide

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide | February 1, 2019
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How much thought do you need to put in while picking the right roofing company to address your roofing needs? Let’s say, a lot would also be too little. Being one of the most essential structures of your home, you have to ensure hiring nothing short of the best of professionals that not only offer extensive services but are equipped to address core matters like health, durability and aesthetics of the roof with finesse.

Here are some of the core questions that you need to ask before saying yes to a roofing company and land with top celebrated professionals like roofing companies Adelaide that can handle all your roof requirements infallibly…

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Why You Should Go For Metal Roofs When Getting Work Done On Your House!

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide | December 6, 2018
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Getting work done on your house or getting a new one in general can be an ordeal in itself and if you want to figure that out in a long lasting way, then metal roofing seems like a great option.

However, a lot of people have misconceptions about this type of roofs and that is not something which is always true. In fact, in the long haul, metal roofs present far more advantages to you than asphalt shingles.

Want to know what these advantages are? Let’s find out –

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Why You Should Always Review Your Roofing Company Online!

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide | September 5, 2018

If you have recently gotten your house roof repaired by a professional company, then posting an online review about how you liked their work is extremely important. Why? Online reviews reach a large audience, and according to a survey 84 per cent of those people treat these reviews no less than personal recommendation.

So, here’s why you should never forget to rate your roofing contractors Adelaide, especially if you have had a good experience!

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3 Things Only Your Roof Doctor Can Do For You!

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide | June 21, 2018
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Probably the most important construct of a house, roofs are what protect us from the turmoil of nature and give us shade. As cheesy as that sounds, it would be in anyone’s best interest if their house’s or any other roof is always in spick and span condition. However, all things in the world go through depreciation over time and need maintenance to keep working as good as new.

This is exactly why, when it comes to roofs and ceilings, you need a doctor for them who is going to make sure that they are healthy enough to work when the time calls for it. If you are living in South Australia and are having some concerns with yours, then it is time to give roofing contractors Adelaide a call right now and get to know if everything is fine. Because there are 6 things only your roof doctor can do impeccably to make sure that everything is working fine. Let’s take a look at what these are –

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When was the last time you got your driveway pressure cleaned?

Posted by in high pressure cleaning adelaide,high pressure cleaning services Adelaide,Roof Doctors Adelaide | October 21, 2016
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Casual cleaning of your concrete driveway isn’t going to help. Not especially if you can’t even remember the last time you cleaned it. Over the time the dust particles and dirt settle on the concrete, forming a layer that doesn’t easily come off with light scrub. You have two options here—to either install new driveway or get it pressure cleaned. While the former one will punch a big hole in your pocket, the later one is much easier, quicker and cost-effective.

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Not Just Monsoon… Summer Too Is Your Roof’s Enemy

Posted by in Australian roof restoration,best roof restoration Adelaide,Roof Doctors Adelaide,roof painting adelaide,roof painting Adelaide cost,roof painting Australia,roof restoration Australia,roof restoration gold coast Australia | September 22, 2016
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When it comes to the health of roofs, people worry too damn much about how monsoons are the worst. Like summer and winter are any good!

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The roofing contractors of Adelaide- Helping you SAVE money (lots of it!)

Posted by in chipped tile repair kit Australia,high pressure cleaning services Adelaide,ridge capping installation,Roof Doctors Adelaide,roof maintenance company,Roof Repairs Adelaide,roof restoration gold coast Australia,roofing contractors adelaide | July 21, 2016
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Some people stall fixing those very visible cracks and chips on their roof shingles, assessing they are saving money. While it might look like they really are saving, the fact is just the contrary. If anything, they are just paving a wide way to a big future expense.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ heard that, didn’t you?

Just like anything, after a period, the roofs wear off. And it needs roof doctors. Delaying to dial the professionals only makes the condition of the roofs worse. Small cracks let the water through in, which subsequently allows crack to grow wide and let moulds and rots form on the ceiling. This altogether weakens the whole roof, eventually arising the need to fully replace the roof. And this is a much costly task- time consuming and needless to add, very stressful.

So instead of the cure of this problem, why not prevent it from transcending itself into something permanent at an early stage?

Roofing contractors Adelaide based helping you save money

A good roofing contractor offers a wide range of services under a single roof (pun intended); from restoration, ridge capping and maintenance to pressure cleaning, roof painting and tiles repair.

Banking on these services, before the damage in your roof passes the threshold level, can save you money significantly.

These professionals use state of art chipped tile repair kit Australia that ensures to fix the problems from the core and give the roofs a new, longer durability. It costs much less and saves you from spending unnecessarily, in future, on permanent problems.

Roof painting, comes with its own fits that subsequently help people save heaps. First, it enhances the sustainability of shingles that saves you from future costs. Also, with evidence available, white paint coating on the roof helps conserve energy consumption and hence reduces the electricity bill.

White paint coating on roofs reflects away the 90 per cent of sunlight, as oppose to 30-40 per cent of regular paint. This helps the building stay cool even on long summer days, which consequently reduces the energy consumption by 10-40 per cent. Result- electricity bill is reduced considerably. Besides, energy consumption indirectly reduces pollution, which makes it a nice practice for everyone to keep up with the global ‘Go Green’ revolution.

So have you been stalling the maintenance work of your roof, thinking you’re saving from ‘unnecessary expense’- you’re way off! Hire good roofing contractors Adelaide based and SAVE (really!).

Best 4 Benefits of Painting and Coating for Aged Roofs

Posted by in Roof Doctors,Roof Doctors Adelaide,roof maintenance company,roof painting adelaide,roofing companies adelaide,roofing contractors adelaide | July 15, 2016

Does your roof require a refurbishment? The advanced roofing system with coating and painting ensures excellent service for your roof, increasing its life further. In fact these processes have received great recognition in the recent years for repairing the restoring the ceiling, depending on rigid environmental conditions and building regulations. However, these programs have proved to be an economical and practical solution for renovating aging roofs. Here are some other benefits that these roof managing programs are offering. Check out!

Increases roof life

If you hire the roofing contractors adelaide, they can coat and restore the aged roof as well as repair the broken places to a condition which is maintainable. In case there is a leakage and the amount of wet insulation is low, the professionals identify and fix the affected areas and later coat and paint them. However, subsequent coating and painting for a certain period of time with timely monitoring can extend your roof’s life. Plus, reflective coatings diminish the harmful effects of UV rays and heat, ensuring better longevity of the roof.

Reduces energy consumption

The emissive and reflective properties of these coating processes have great benefits. Besides extending the roof life, they can decrease the temperature and energy consumption during the day by reducing the amount of load taken by the HVAC system.

Aesthetic improvements

If you have a metal roof that has moderately aged and shows signs of prefinished areas, they can be repaired with wonderful coating. As opposed to traditional coating system which is quite ineffective in restoring the roof, the latest procedure consists of Kynar pigments which help reconstructing the roof to an aesthetically pleasing condition.

Microclimate management

In low slope roofs, water logging is a very common thing. Owing to this, the roofing membranes tend to be highly affected with eventual leakage and premature deterioration. In fact if the membrane is exposed to contaminants, it can lead to localized failure of the entire roofing system. But with the help of roof painting adelaide, the coating properties and applications, once applied to the affected areas, can prevent structural deterioration, leaks, wet insulation and premature replacement.

Australians, Are You Ready to Face the Wrath of Nature? If not, Call Roof Doctors!!

Posted by in Roof Doctors Adelaide,Roof Repairs Adelaide | June 6, 2016
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Are you worried about the sudden calm that is dominating the weather right now? This ominous calm brings with it bad news as the residents of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are warned by officials at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and asked to brace up against the incoming massive storm that is reported to have gained momentum. The residents can expect really strong, damaging winds accompanied with heavy rainfall. The sea is going to be pretty rough over the weekend and everybody is advised to steer clear of the Gold Coast beaches. Emergency help is kept on standby since flash floods are expected as early as Saturday in the south-eastern areas of the state of Queensland.

According to the experts at the BoM, the trough is moving even faster than it was expected reducing the possibility of heavy and intense rainfall in Fraser Island to the northside of Brisbane. In spite of less possibility of violent rainfall, Brisbane is expected to experience seriously lashing and powerful winds that might wreak havoc if the residents do not take proper precautions against it. Even Gold Coast is expected to fall prey to damaging winds.

Since the weather conditions are predicted to be pretty rough, the officials have decided to close down the beaches to stave off tourists and residents. As an added precaution, water rescue teams are deployed and kept on guard to handle any unforeseen situation that might arise.

BoM anticipates the speed of the wind to be around 100 kilometers per hour and needless to say that you should remain indoors during the weekends and take needed steps to repair or make the roofs of your home as sturdy as possible. You can expect around 80 millimeters or more of rain during this storm.

Brace up and protect yourself from this unruly weather condition that is likely going to be catastrophic if proper measures aren’t taken. If you have a leaking roof that needs to be fixed or a roof that is weakened for whatever cause, call the experts at Roof Doctors and get the problem checked out and fixed before it is too late and the storm ends up blowing away the top of your home. The certified professionals at Roof Doctors are proficient in repairing, maintaining, restoring and all other roof-related activities. Go ahead and give them a call today because when the storm comes, you would want to stay prepared to face whatever it unleashes!