Australians, Are You Ready to Face the Wrath of Nature? If not, Call Roof Doctors!!

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Are you worried about the sudden calm that is dominating the weather right now? This ominous calm brings with it bad news as the residents of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are warned by officials at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and asked to brace up against the incoming massive storm that is reported to have gained momentum. The residents can expect really strong, damaging winds accompanied with heavy rainfall. The sea is going to be pretty rough over the weekend and everybody is advised to steer clear of the Gold Coast beaches. Emergency help is kept on standby since flash floods are expected as early as Saturday in the south-eastern areas of the state of Queensland.

According to the experts at the BoM, the trough is moving even faster than it was expected reducing the possibility of heavy and intense rainfall in Fraser Island to the northside of Brisbane. In spite of less possibility of violent rainfall, Brisbane is expected to experience seriously lashing and powerful winds that might wreak havoc if the residents do not take proper precautions against it. Even Gold Coast is expected to fall prey to damaging winds.

Since the weather conditions are predicted to be pretty rough, the officials have decided to close down the beaches to stave off tourists and residents. As an added precaution, water rescue teams are deployed and kept on guard to handle any unforeseen situation that might arise.

BoM anticipates the speed of the wind to be around 100 kilometers per hour and needless to say that you should remain indoors during the weekends and take needed steps to repair or make the roofs of your home as sturdy as possible. You can expect around 80 millimeters or more of rain during this storm.

Brace up and protect yourself from this unruly weather condition that is likely going to be catastrophic if proper measures aren’t taken. If you have a leaking roof that needs to be fixed or a roof that is weakened for whatever cause, call the experts at Roof Doctors and get the problem checked out and fixed before it is too late and the storm ends up blowing away the top of your home. The certified professionals at Roof Doctors are proficient in repairing, maintaining, restoring and all other roof-related activities. Go ahead and give them a call today because when the storm comes, you would want to stay prepared to face whatever it unleashes!

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