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5 easy roof maintenance tips before the monsoon sets in

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Monsoon in Australia could be a bit brutal. Ask hundreds of house owners who every year has to face the wrath of this season with broken roof shingles, chipped ridge capping and leakages, so many, that could literally pool-up a tank in a day. And as the season dawns, comes a need (again) to spend heaps on restoring or, worse, replacing the whole roof—this is only after weeks of stress, discomfort and cussing, of course.

Some never learn! You don’t be one of those ‘some’ though. Here are 5 quick and easy roof maintenance tips to help you get on your feet and look after your roof before the monsoon sets in.

1. Clean off the debris and fungal growth


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Aside the fact that debris and fungal growth on shingles look quite unappealing, it also damages the whole roof in the long run, making it weaker. Clean it off. Use organic sprays. Pressure cleaning is a better option though, if there’s too much to clean.

2. Check your gutter

Unchecked and unclean gutter cause drainage problems, which could be quite a pain in monsoon. Leaves and debris usually blocks the water flow, which could severely damage the roof, causing fungal growth and leakages.

3. Fix few cracks using chipped tile repair kit Australia


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It’s common that few roof tiles are broken or falling apart. You don’t need to hassle. Just hit the market, buy chipped tile repair kit, which is quite affordable these days, and become a roof doctor yourself.

4. Attend flashings and ensure the joints are covered properly

One of the biggest reasons of leakage is damaged flashings around chimneys, vents, skylights and satellites. Usually of metal, they contract or expand due to different temperature which disturbs their position. Fix them immediately.

5. Dial Roofing contractors

Sometimes DIY doesn’t help. Maybe the damage is real big, or the roof is very old and risks of falling if you climb over it. Contacting a good roof maintenance Adelaide company is a good idea. Whether its leakage, tiles replacement or ridge capping installation, these professionals offer top-notch services with warranty period and charge quite low.

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So follow these 5 tips and get your roof fixed before monsoon sets in and cause you all sorts of trouble.

You Need Roofers… Even If Your Roof Isn’t Falling Down

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For some people, an evident and the only tell-tale sign that makes them think “huh, maybe my roof needs maintenance work” is when a chunk of their ceiling fall right on their faces while they are sleeping- dreaming of a perfect world and a perfect house.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professionals for Your Roof Painting and Restoration

Posted by in ridge capping installation,ridge capping repairs,Roof Doctors,roof painting adelaide | July 19, 2016
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The roof is one of the most essential parts of our home that keeps the house protected from the harshness of nature, be it rain, heat, wind or snow. As a result, it becomes damaged in varying degrees due to such relentless exposure and requires painting and ridge capping installation on specific intervals. So many professional agencies have come up with a team of experienced workers who display excellent precision in repairing the damages with top-end technologies while focusing on finishing their entire task without rushing into things. Also, if you do not want to invest a lot of money on roof restoration and maintenance, it might seem to be a great idea to let the experts take charge of your roof. Here are some more reasons laid down for you.

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Best 4 Benefits of Painting and Coating for Aged Roofs

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Does your roof require a refurbishment? The advanced roofing system with coating and painting ensures excellent service for your roof, increasing its life further. In fact these processes have received great recognition in the recent years for repairing the restoring the ceiling, depending on rigid environmental conditions and building regulations. However, these programs have proved to be an economical and practical solution for renovating aging roofs. Here are some other benefits that these roof managing programs are offering. Check out!

Increases roof life

If you hire the roofing contractors adelaide, they can coat and restore the aged roof as well as repair the broken places to a condition which is maintainable. In case there is a leakage and the amount of wet insulation is low, the professionals identify and fix the affected areas and later coat and paint them. However, subsequent coating and painting for a certain period of time with timely monitoring can extend your roof’s life. Plus, reflective coatings diminish the harmful effects of UV rays and heat, ensuring better longevity of the roof.

Reduces energy consumption

The emissive and reflective properties of these coating processes have great benefits. Besides extending the roof life, they can decrease the temperature and energy consumption during the day by reducing the amount of load taken by the HVAC system.

Aesthetic improvements

If you have a metal roof that has moderately aged and shows signs of prefinished areas, they can be repaired with wonderful coating. As opposed to traditional coating system which is quite ineffective in restoring the roof, the latest procedure consists of Kynar pigments which help reconstructing the roof to an aesthetically pleasing condition.

Microclimate management

In low slope roofs, water logging is a very common thing. Owing to this, the roofing membranes tend to be highly affected with eventual leakage and premature deterioration. In fact if the membrane is exposed to contaminants, it can lead to localized failure of the entire roofing system. But with the help of roof painting adelaide, the coating properties and applications, once applied to the affected areas, can prevent structural deterioration, leaks, wet insulation and premature replacement.

The jaw dropping benefits of roof cleaning and best roof restoration services

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Protecting the value and standard of your property is probably one of the most important things to do, and this matters a lot to get the best living atmosphere. Other than looking after the interior details of maintenance and decoration, the other crucial thing is to take care of the house exteriors, from the walls to the roofs. Roof being the most vulnerable part of the house requires, rather demands extra care and this must start with time to time roof cleaning and restoration. For this, there are a number of renowned best roof restoration Adelaide companies, who through cutting -edge technology and great manpower , help to give your roof the best look .

Due to the leading roof restoration companies, homeowners no more need to climb up the ladders and do the scrubbing and washing parts themselves. To improve the overall aesthetic of the house, the roof cleaners have the advanced and unmatched expertise to give you the best results in .

Wondering what could be the benefits of these roof cleaning methods? Here are a few to take a note of.

Upgrades values and standard of home

The most important benefit of roof cleaning and restoration by any experience company is the fact that it increases the value and appeal of the overall house. Playing an important part in the appearance of home, and thus cleaning and reviving it from time to time increases the curb appeal, and helps to maintain its attractive stature. Thus, this uplifts the value of the home, its resale capabilities , as a roof full of debris, dirt , algae and moss would have a poor effect on the one you would like to sell the home to in future.

Notches up the efficiency

The algae which grows on the shingles of the roofs gives way to retaining heat every now and then , in turn increasing the temperature of your home interior and thus making it very uncomfortable for people to reside in. This again makes the homeowners to make their cooling system work longer and harder , giving way to high electricity bill and reducing the lifespan of the fan and air conditioners of the home. Thus , with time to time cleaning and restoration, you can actually keep your electricity bills constant.

Extends the life of roof

The moist damp and hot environment created by algae and moss inside the house , and the dirty layers of other organisms eat away the shingles s lowly. Also, apart from them the moisture and heat trapped in between the layers of the roof also causes the roof to decay in quality , and thus decreases the life span of the roof, forcing you to spend more money in completely replacing the old roof with a new one. But with roof restoration, you can actually increase the life span of the roof and cut of the cost of replacing it with a completely new one.

Keeps the health and safety factors intact

The heat and moisture with algae , moss and other bacteria trapped into the layers of the roof give way to the generation of heat and moisture which causes harmful allergic reaction to children and pets. Thus, apart from eating the quality of your roof, these toxic materials also causes serious health issues. Roof restoration and cleaning makes sure you have a healthy and safe environment to live in.

Thus, through low pressure or high pressure cleaning, you must contact a reputed pressure cleaning Adelaide company to take care of your roof.

Increase the aesthetic value of your home with good roof restoration process

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Maintaining your home doesn’t stop with the mandatory interior decoration or cleaning the floors, walls and furnishing items. Keeping the exterior of your home clean and goo looking is equally important, and this includes the basic roof restoration tactics, window washing, sweeping the walkways and many more. Amidst all these, we often tend to ignore the essential roof restoration gold coast Australia, which is highly essential , because due to the hot and humid temperature changes , rain and other adverse weather conditions, roof faces a lot of wear and tear and most importantly attacked by dirt and dust. Thus, instead of making roof the over looked area, it is time to take its cleaning process seriously. Not, this doesn’t mean that you have to take up a ladder and climb up to get started with the cleaning mechanism. Today, the roof restoration service providers are offering the best provisions to help you with the best results.

After choosing such a company , make sure they will list you down with a number of procedures for cleaning and washing your roof. Thus, you should have a brief idea on the different types of roof cleaning mechanism.

The natural and eco-friendly method

The roof cleaning and restoration companies today have been highly using the top-notch eco-friendly mechanisms to clan the roof. This excludes the use of chemicals like chlorine bleach, phosphates, or other toxic materials. Hence, natural ways are used to clean the roof tiles, which doesn’t damage the roof surface in the long run. The low pressure rinsing system is incorporated instead of the high pressure scrubbing or brushing. The instant and complete method makes sure the algae lichens and moss are completely wiped out from the roofs, and gives way to safe and smooth roof cleaning process. Thus, just make sure that the roof contractor offers timely roof stain prevention program for the most well-maintained roof.

The high pressure cleaning method

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There are roof contractors who often use the high pressure cleaning methods to remove the roof stains. The leading high pressure cleaning Adelaide companies use them to add years to the health of your roof, and render a very bright and clean appearance. The pressure washers are used with high psi velocity to remove the moss, dirt , lichen and algae growing on the roof, and gutters are also cleaned, to conform on the overall cleanliness of the home. This gives a completely fresh and new look to the roof.

The chlorine bleach roof washing method

The chemicals like chlorine bleach and trisodium phosphate are used in a blend to clean the roof, and these chemicals are fused in equal concentrations. These are sprayed and left to dry, again re-applied again and again until and unless the dirt is removed. Just make sure that the roof contractor doesn’t use any harsh and highly toxic chemicals .

Inspection and repairing

Doesn’t matter which method you are using, the roof restoration companies, after finishing their cleaning methods, inspect the roof tiles for cracks and damages which are common after strong washing procedure. If any tile or shingle is found broken, it should be replaced then and there.

Resealing and repainting

When the final cleaning or inspection is being done, the tiles are coated with high quality sealant , so that they are protected against the adverse climatic situations. Also, some of the companies and contractors use the bright and bold colors to make the roof look new.

What is Ridge Capping and Why Should You Hire a Professional?

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Australian roof restoration

Even though clay tiles cost more than asphalt and composite shingles, it is one of the best ideas for roof because they are extremely durable and last for years. In addition to their durability, these tiles exude a certain romance that is very common in Mediterranean styled homes. Ridge capping is one of the most important parts of tile roofing because they secure the tiles in adjacent roof panels that help in keeping the weather elements out. Without ride capping, the roof will not be able to prevent the seeping of water and rain and thus, the tiles would be damaged.

Prevent Damage in Ridge

The roof keeps out the elements and protects the interior of the house. The roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions and over time this can cause damage in a ridge. The mortar that is used to hold the ridge capping in place cracks due to prolonged exposure of the heat of sun, rain and storm. It is necessary to get in touch with a roof maintenance company to prevent from further damage. A certified company with expertise in this domain can not only offer reliable ridge capping installation services but can also ensure that the maintenance of the roof so that it lasts for many years.

Why is it Wise to Hire a Professional?

Roof is one of the most important parts of a house and the most neglected. It keeps the interior of the house safe from weather elements and protects the residents of the house. It is important that the roof is properly looked after and maintained because otherwise it can lead to serious accidents. Here are some important reasons as to why you should hire the services of a professional company when you require ridge capping repairs.

  • Professionals have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to handle the problem efficiently and cost-effectively. They can not only repair the cracks that can be seen but can also find out the underlying cracks that might pose a problem in the near future. It is also a big challenge to make sure that the capping is set the right away and the experts can offer great solutions for that.
  • Roof repair and maintenance companies are well aware of the materials needed and have great networks with contractors and suppliers who can provide them with the best quality materials. Whether big or small project, they can handle either with great ease and proficiency.

Since ridge capping on tile roofing plays an important role, it is best to inspect them occasionally. Get in touch with a roof maintenance company today and save yourself a world of trouble!