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Maintaining your home doesn’t stop with the mandatory interior decoration or cleaning the floors, walls and furnishing items. Keeping the exterior of your home clean and goo looking is equally important, and this includes the basic roof restoration tactics, window washing, sweeping the walkways and many more. Amidst all these, we often tend to ignore the essential roof restoration gold coast Australia, which is highly essential , because due to the hot and humid temperature changes , rain and other adverse weather conditions, roof faces a lot of wear and tear and most importantly attacked by dirt and dust. Thus, instead of making roof the over looked area, it is time to take its cleaning process seriously. Not, this doesn’t mean that you have to take up a ladder and climb up to get started with the cleaning mechanism. Today, the roof restoration service providers are offering the best provisions to help you with the best results.

After choosing such a company , make sure they will list you down with a number of procedures for cleaning and washing your roof. Thus, you should have a brief idea on the different types of roof cleaning mechanism.

The natural and eco-friendly method

The roof cleaning and restoration companies today have been highly using the top-notch eco-friendly mechanisms to clan the roof. This excludes the use of chemicals like chlorine bleach, phosphates, or other toxic materials. Hence, natural ways are used to clean the roof tiles, which doesn’t damage the roof surface in the long run. The low pressure rinsing system is incorporated instead of the high pressure scrubbing or brushing. The instant and complete method makes sure the algae lichens and moss are completely wiped out from the roofs, and gives way to safe and smooth roof cleaning process. Thus, just make sure that the roof contractor offers timely roof stain prevention program for the most well-maintained roof.

The high pressure cleaning method

high pressure cleaning Adelaide

There are roof contractors who often use the high pressure cleaning methods to remove the roof stains. The leading high pressure cleaning Adelaide companies use them to add years to the health of your roof, and render a very bright and clean appearance. The pressure washers are used with high psi velocity to remove the moss, dirt , lichen and algae growing on the roof, and gutters are also cleaned, to conform on the overall cleanliness of the home. This gives a completely fresh and new look to the roof.

The chlorine bleach roof washing method

The chemicals like chlorine bleach and trisodium phosphate are used in a blend to clean the roof, and these chemicals are fused in equal concentrations. These are sprayed and left to dry, again re-applied again and again until and unless the dirt is removed. Just make sure that the roof contractor doesn’t use any harsh and highly toxic chemicals .

Inspection and repairing

Doesn’t matter which method you are using, the roof restoration companies, after finishing their cleaning methods, inspect the roof tiles for cracks and damages which are common after strong washing procedure. If any tile or shingle is found broken, it should be replaced then and there.

Resealing and repainting

When the final cleaning or inspection is being done, the tiles are coated with high quality sealant , so that they are protected against the adverse climatic situations. Also, some of the companies and contractors use the bright and bold colors to make the roof look new.

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