5 Functions Of Ridge Caps That Make Them Indispensable For The Roof

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Ridge capping installation

Triangular shaped tiles that cover the joints between two faces of the roof is defined as roof ridge capping. The advantages of installing roof caps are many. Not only does it help keep the weather out, and securing a durable life for the roof, but it also increases the effectiveness of the house overall. The aesthetic appeal of ridge capping is also great.

Knowing the functions of a ridge cap can highlight the significance. a few important points have been summarized here for better understanding.

The Functions Of A Ridge Cap

  • Ridge capping installation allows proper air circulation in the house. When the house gets too hot, the cap ensures continuous exchange of air, balancing the temperature inside the house.
  • Ridge capping allows the house to become more energy efficient. Since it executes the constant circulation of air, the house doesn’t become too warm during the summer or too cold during the winter. This exchange of natural air reduces the need to use air conditioners or heaters, which ultimately reduces the energy consumption of the house.
  • One of the most redeeming advantages of roof caps is that it prevents rain or water from entering the house or affecting the lower structures of a roof. Since the structure of a ridge cap imitates that of a raised umbrella, the water doesn’t enter the house. This is effective in preventing water leaks.
  • Ridge caps also prevent insects and small animals from migrating into the home.

With such functions to offer, the significance of a ridge cap is much. It is thus, important to maintain the ridge cap in its peak condition. Broken or damaged caps can be replaced with a process called rebedding. Fresh cement is used to lay the caps in a straight line. Pointing is used to seal the gaps between the ridge caps using flexible mortar. Reputed ridge capping repairs Adelaide companies are offering services to replace and maintain the caps. An inspection every six month can ensure a long and durable life for the ridge caps, which in turn ensures a long life for the roof and the house.

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