Roof Doctors Australia Checks and Repairs Rafters, Loose Capping, Mortar and Pointing, Repairing your Roof with our Qualified Professional Tradesmen.

Roof Doctors Australia appreciates that your terracotta roof is exposed to the elements. Over time your cement work cracks and deteriorates leaving loose capping and holes in your roof. (majority of cracks are caused by the movement of your home.) We will check the structure of your rafters and carpentry underneath, and determine if there is any issue that will affect you roof.

The most common problem with a tile roof is loose or falling cement, especially towards the bottom of the hip, the shell end capping, and at the top apex of the ridge cuts where the capping meets. As these areas gather wear and tear over the years, water is more likely to get through and ridge capping is less stable and more liable to wind damage.

The mortar or ‘collars’ are an integral part of terracotta ridge capping, as they provide up to 50% of its strength. Hence the importance of making sure your repairs are done right.

Roof Doctors Australia will straighten hip areas and ridges by grinding back all the old mortar, exposing all cracks made by the movement of your house, cleaning it up, and then apply the necessary materials required for your roof leaving straight and level ridges ready for pointing.

A Professional Ridge Capping job performed by a professional qualified company based in Adelaide will restore your roofs appeal and add value to your home.

Our Qualified Tradesmen may well end up saving you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance..