The roof of your house or business is often ignored but it is extremely crucial to the building’s integrity.  A damaged roof with constant leaks, missing tiles, waterproofing and cracks can be devastating. You do not want to compromise on the comfort and safety by ignoring roof deterioration signs. Damage done over time, by weather or neglect can leave roof in a compromised state. Our roof tilers have been providing quality custom services to our customers satisfaction and are happy to assist you with your roof maintenance on an ongoing basis.

There are many things which can affect the health and welfare of your roofs and guttering:

  • Common diseases such as mold and leaf litter which can build up in gutters or grow on your tiles
  • General litter, rust from your evaporative cooler bleed off
  • Corrosion from a mix of metals or treated wood
  • Storm damage from fallen trees, hail or heavy winds
  • Along with the general wear and tear of every day….

Roof Doctors contractors provide expert advice, great customer service and competitive prices for all our roofing Adelaide services. Choose our highly-skilled team of roofing professionals for your roof maintenance Adelaide project and we will deliver a customised suite of maintenance services to keep your roof in a great condition. We conduct:

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof cleaning & high-pressure washing
  • Roof seal Adelaide
  • Roof repairs & replacements
  • Roof painting

No job is too big or too small. Contact us now to speak with a team member and enquire about your roofing maintenance Adelaide requirement.