Homeowners and businesses around Adelaide area turn to Roof Doctors to receive the best attention and quality roof restoration work from an industry leader. We are the trusted and leading roof restoration contractors Adelaide area. To maximise the integrity of your roof, all big and small roof improvements and repairs are carried out by our specialists with precision and superb workmanship. If you have noticed a leak, missing tiles, cracks or compromised waterproofing, we are the roof repair experts you need to call to restore your roof at the earliest. Our top-quality roof restoration service is available at a reasonable cost backed by our workmanship guarantee and complete customer satisfaction. So, if you need some patchwork, advise on roof safety, or a completely new roof, Roof Doctors is your roof restoration Adelaide contractor.

Don’t hesitate to call us if:

  • You have started noticing subtle signs of roof deterioration
  • The tiling or sheeting of your roof is missing or has deteriorated
  • The house you’re living in is quite old that means the materials have started to deteriorate
  • You have noticed cracks in your roof
  • Leaks, pooling of water or water stains in your roof
  • Bigger leaks that are not a plumbing or gutter issue

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these concerns that means your roof is no longer in good condition and needs restoration or repair. Do not neglect these signs or it could become a major problem costing more time and money. Timely roof restoration will save you money even though the upfront cost may seem too much.


Our service is personalised to each customer’s special requirements and we will take all your needs and your situation into full consideration before our crew gets started on your roof restoration project. We adhere to all industry guidelines and start a job keeping safety at the core of our work process. We respect your time, hence, always deliver on-time and on-budget. Our custom restoration work is performed by the most qualified Adelaide roofers in the industry. Extensive knowledge, skill and professionalism is complimented by a friendly and caring service.  For your safety and health, if we expect asbestos, we come prepared to contain and transport it to a proper disposal facility without any hassle.

So, why delay? If you need best roof restoration Adelaide service or advise give us a call today. We are happy to provide you a free quote on our services or answer any questions you might have.