Roof Doctors Australia recognises that keeping your roof properly maintained is very important and at some point in time your home, will require some care.There are many things which can affect the health and welfare of your roofs and guttering. Some of the common diseases are, mould and leaf litter which can build up in gutters or grow on your tiles, general litter, rust from your evaporative cooler bleed off, corrosion from a mix of metals or treated wood, storm damage from fallen trees, hail or heavy winds along with the general wear and tear of every day.

The quality of a good restoration begins with meticulous preparation, making sure that everything is done the right way. We achieve this for you by firstly replacing any broken tiles and using cutting edge methods using the GB Systems to prepare your ridge caps exposing all cracks in the bedding due to movement and so forth. Then we will finish off your ridge caps with flexipoint that will seal your ridge to your roof.We will then Pressure Clean, to remove any build up of materials that cause decay or wear and tear to your roof such as moss and leaf waste.The roof is then sealed to prevent any growth or leaks. Finally we can paint it with a colour of your choice.