Looking To Get Your Roof Painted This Winter? Try These Roof Paint Trends!

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Roof painting is one of the most integral parts of your house’s renovation and if you want to make sure that your home stays trendy in your neighborhood, then you need to put in some effort. Well, for now all you have to do to maintain your house’s good looks is keep reading till the end of this blog and you can thank us later.

While there are some roof colors that are almost doctrine in modern day exterior décor, not all of them enjoy the same position as far as trends are concerned and that is why, we made sure that we help you. Now, let’s take a look –

1. Cedar Top Roof

Belonging to the yellow ochre family of roof colors, the cedar is widely famed for its exuberance and stands out amongst all the regular asphalt tops. The cedar roof is one of the most iconic ones to be used as a roof paint and has often grazed the covers of décor and lifestyle magazines all over the world. A good combination for the cedar roof painting Australia is the teal and brown house color and it does give your living space a sophisticated feel from the outside. A good choice indeed.

2. Go Red Top With Burgundy

Red heads have always been a subject of many fantasies – and no, we are just talking about roofs here. The burgundy roof is what dreams are made of, and if you are willing to stand out a bit from the rest of the neighborhood, then this one is your color of choice. Belonging to the red color family, it creates a positive and bright vibe for your home, one that ricochets far away from the regular monotony of roof painting – no wonder many roof specialists consider it the best roof painting Adelaide.

3. Choose Bavarian Brown – The Old School Rockstar

This color is still within the limits of normal and common and yet gives quite a different feel than the regular colors. Bavarian brown belongs to the darker shades of the color family and exudes an essence of wisdom and maturity, much like the wooden caskets in which fine highland scotch is stored, and you might feel the necessity to include it in your house’s profile. It works really well with homes that come with a little green stretch of natural land and combines in perfect symphony to give an oak-ish feel to the whole setting – something that idyllic romanticists would love. Add a bit of white picket fence to complete the essence and make a picture perfect view.

4. When Blue Isn’t So Blue Anymore

Winter is an amazing time for cold temperature lights and no color reflects it better than the color blue. While the family has plenty of shades of shades to choose from, blue colors really stand out when painted on the roof. Now, some may feel that it gives a rather morose hue to the whole house, but when it comes to bluish colors and roof painting Adelaide cost and popularity, it can make a positive impact on your budget and also make your living space way more stylish. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the blue painted roofs online.

These are 4 trending colors when it comes to getting your roof painted this season and if you want to make a change in your residence roof color, then it would be a good idea to pick from here.

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