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Owning a home not only requires time to time painting, but also roofing demands maintenance. Be it the natural calamities, the monsoons, or natural decay with time, your roof will not long last, and hence to save yourself from spending hefty money on replacement, you should hire professionals to maintain them at regular intervals.

We keep painting and restoring the condition of the roof, and sometimes our naked eyes cannot notice some of the minute damages. We are talking about the damages that the ridge capping suffers. On the roof, a ridge capping covers the ridge, or the high point where two tiled roof surfaces meet. This is something that saves the home from water leakage, filling the slightest gap through which water could slide into the house during rainfall.

The waterproof nature of the intersecting point on a roof is determined eventually by the condition of the ridge capping, and hence short term inspection and maintenance work is very important here. The cracked, broken or missing mortar that signifies the ridge capping can actually damage the whole roofing surface and pose a threat to water leakage through the roof directly into the interiors, too. Also, the damaged ridge capping destroys the aesthetic beauty of the roof, and of your house on a whole.

Here are the reasons why the roofing surface requires timely maintenance through the leading ridge capping repairs Adelaide company.

The Natural Calamities

The tile surface or shingles that you are using to cover your roof might be of very good quality, and also ensure long -lastingness, but natural calamities challenge them with potential damage. From snowfall to wind, rain, baking sun and chilling cold, the extremities of Nature cause decaying of the mortars in ridge capping, and this might cause complete damage to the whole roofing surface.

The Movements Of The Roof

The changing extremities of the temperature outside results in regular expansion and contraction of supporting timbers, and this causes the mortars to break down and get damaged. The damaged mortars crack and break the union between the tiles and the ridge capping.

Weight And Gravity Causes Issues With Time

The tiled roofs face the problem from weight and gravity for being so heavy, and putting excessive pressure on supporting timbers. The timbers along with the tiles sag or drag and also at times get completely broken causing problems to the ridge capping system, too.

Here are the steps to repair the ridge capping that the professionals use.

Remove The Ridge Capping

The individual tiles are removed from the particular roofing surface, and also the mortars are completely detached to create a hassle -free surface to work on.

Re-Bedding Starts

Adhesive cement is laid on the surface with bedding frame, so that the ridge cap tiles are re-positioned in a better and stronger way this time, without any gap. This process is called re-bedding and can only be done by the professional roofing company.

Pointing Is The Last Task

To create a stronger bond between the ridge capping, tiles and mortars, a flexible and high-quality compound is used to point the ridge capping. All the gaps are filled so that the adhesion among the elements doesn’t break easily.

Repainting For Extra Protection

You can also ask the professionals to complete the task of repainting ridge capping, so that it looks better and also doesn’t decay easily.



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