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When designing a house, many of us tend to ignore the roof. But we fail to recognise the fact that roofs are in fact one of the most important construction of the house. They form an envelope to the house and protect it from all external threats like sun, wind, snow and rain. Out of all the major elements that are to be considered when building a house, the kind of material you use on the roof or the design that you plan to incorporate forms a formidable part of the structure of your house. Much of the other factors related to the construction depend on the roof.

So taking help from popular roofing contractors Adelaide, here is a list of the four most common types of roofs used by architects and builders. They all come with their individual benefits that are included within the points. So read on and find out more about the roofs and which one can you use for your house.

Saltbox Roof

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Saltbox roofs are the most commonly used roofs for they look extremely intriguing from the exterior. This type of roof has an asymmetrical shape with one very small side and one very long side, with the two meeting at the ridge line. This triangular roof first evolved during the 20th century and slowly became popular owing to its unique design and smart finish.

Hip Roof

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There is a significant similarity between hip roof and pyramid roof with both imitating the shape of the pyramid. However, the former is more practical than the latter as instead of meeting at the top; the four sides intersect with each other at the ridge lines. This makes the architectural design of the hip roof more practical and widely used.

Mansard Roof

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The mansard roof is largely inspired by French architectural designs. Using this type of roof when constructing a house allows additional living or storage space at the top of the house. The roof is consists of four sides, two on each side of the house. While the lower slope is steeper, the one on the top is more vertical in its construction. Mansard roof is extremely popular and is widely preferred by people all around the world.

Flat Roof

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Easily identifiable due to its unique flat design, flat roots offer the most number of advantages when it comes to constructing a house. Simply accessible and can be easily used for variety of purpose, flat roofs require certain amount of maintenance given that the debris and accumulated water have nowhere to go. They are best suited for places which are dry and buildings which are tall.

With a considerable idea about the different types of roofs, make a choice wisely for much of the future of your house depends on the roof. Maintain it on a regular basis to ensure a long life for it. Color bond roofing contractors Adelaide are offering their best services to help keep the roof of your house at a peak condition at prices which are affordable and within your budget.

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