The Advantages Of Ceramic Tile Roof And Ways To Fix It

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Ceramic tiles have a lot of advantages to offer. If you have been planning to install these on your roof, then it is advisable to know the benefits it offers. These have been summarized here as follows. Keep reading to know more.

  • Long Lasting : A ceramic tile roof has a lifespan of over 100 years! The number might seem improbable, but if installed correctly and in the right type of climate, the lifespan can shoot even higher. Ceramic tiles can withstand hail, high winds, water and even high temperature. Durable, once you install a ceramic roof, you won’t have to worry about ever replacing it. Just in case, most manufacturers offer 50-year warranty on the tiles.
  • The Tile Comes In A Variety Of Choices : Though most ceramic roof tiles feature a bright red hue, these can actually be experimented with. You can color them to match the style of your home or add to the beauty of the tile. From medieval to contemporary styles, wooden finish to polished outlook, there are a variety of choices available when it comes to ceramic tiles.
  • Impervious To Rot And Insect Damage : Ceramic tiles are waterproof. This means that they can never rot. The most common roof problems faced by homeowners are related to water leakage. If the tile is waterproof, then the chances of water leakages reduce significantly. Even if the tiles chip, they can be changed using tile repair kit Australia based. Also, you can be relieved as ceramic tiles are protected naturally against insects.
  • Eco-friendly : Ceramic tiles are made from earth minerals and not chemicals. These are made primarily from clay, powered earth and water which is then shaped using fire in a very hot kiln. Waterproof materials along with decorative art are added later. The use of natural elements in the construction renders it eco- friendly, reducing any adverse effect on the environment.
  • Energy Efficient : Since ceramic tiles are made of earthly products, their ability to control temperature is immense. During summers, these prevent the heat from penetrating the roof, keeping the house cool. The reverse happens during the winters. Thus the mass of tiles thus helps regulate the indoor temperatures, increasing the energy efficiency of the house, saving your electricity bill as well.
  • Low Maintenance : Ceramic tiles are waterproof, prone to withstand impact and very rarely needs maintenance. Even if it gets chipped or broken, these tiles can be easily replaced or repaired using ceramic tile repair kit Australia based. With these installed on the roof, you can actually save a lot of money.
  • These Tiles Can Also Be Recycled : Once the tiles have been completely demolished, and can’t be used on the roof any further, these tiles can be recycled. The materials used to construct the tiles are reusable. The process of recycling these is easy and cost-effective. Since the tiles are environmental friendly; these can be recycled without contributing to pollution.

How To Fix It

To fix a ceramic tile, you need to very carefully remove the broken tile without hampering the surrounding ones. You can then replace it using a new tile. Wait for the first layer of cement to dry off completely before laying the next round of cement and the tiles. It also advisable to seek help from professionals for they use chipped tile repair kit Australia based. They know the correct technique to complete the procedure and charge an affordable fee for the services.

Ceramic tiles are useful, durable, eco-friendly and definitely worth your money. These tiles will keep the roof protected for a very long period of time. Thus, use ceramic tiles on the roof. Seek help from professionals to complete the action properly.




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