A Quick Checklist To Keep Your Home Healthy In 2017

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In 2016, how many times did you have to call the professionals to fix those minor chips on your roof or leakages in your drainage pipe?

To keep the house healthy and intact, regular maintenance works are necessary. However, if the problems keep occurring, and you have ended up spending quite a huge amount without any lasting outcome, it’s time to get serious about these “petty troubles”-for your house’s sake as well as for the sake of your own financial standing.

Fixing Before It’s Broken

When it’s broken, it’s going to cost you more. So, one of the simplest rules of house maintenance is not to wait for the ‘bad’ but to make sure that it never comes-or at least delay it for as long as possible. Instead of dialing roofing companies Adelaide when there’s a need for big roof restoration work, regular check-up is a much more smart and cost-effective idea; instead of waiting till the floor tiles are completely dirty, getting it pressure cleaned every once in a while is a right move.

Here’s a quick checklist to keep your house totally healthy in 2017-

1. Get your roof checked by qualified professionals regularly

Given roof is the most important part of the house, getting it checked regularly is nothing short of essential-more so if your city’s weather condition isn’t known to be very kind. So dial one of the roofing contractors Adelaide and make sure the tiles are in great condition, they don’t need to be painted and that they can survive bad weather like a winner.

2. Make sure there are no leakages in the water supply and drainage pipe

Leakages in the water supply and drainage pipe can significantly damage the roof, wall and floor tiles. So checking for such leaks is very important to ensure things are fine around and that no big and hefty fixes are needed.

3. Ensure all’s good with electrical wiring in your home

Even when you think everything’s fine with the electrical wiring, you better have professionals look to it to make sure there’s no space for energy leakages, short-circuit and other such common problems that could lead to something big.

4. Keep the exterior walls of the house in their best shape

If the weather in your city isn’t very friendly, you better pay special attention to the exterior walls of your home. Make sure there are no cracks outside, no chips, and the paint isn’t coming out.

5. Have your HVAC system well functioning

Have the ventilation system in your home functioning in good condition. Get it checked regularly; even DIY steps could work, if you know what you’re doing. Not only does this ensure energy efficiency, but also prevents moulds and damages that unsuitable temperature gives rise to.

Follow these simple tips to keep your house well in health in 2017 without the need for any extravagant spending.

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