5 Unknown Consequences Of a Leaking Roof And How To Fix Them

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Roof leaks are one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. The cause of damage can be both external (like snow or rain) and internal (like a broken shingle). But you have to be cautious and repair leak on roof before it gets out of your hands. If you still think of neglecting it as something insignificant, then read the consequences.

The Consequences of Not Fixing Your Leaking Roof on Time


  • The Roof Structure Gets Compromised

A leakage on the roof can damage the basic structure of the roof. The ceiling beams, rafters, exterior trims and the wall framing all come at risk due to the leakage. If the leak is not fixed in time, it can weaken and rot the wooden frame, finally breaking it. This can end up with you shedding a large amount of money.

  • The Risk Of Fire Increases

If the constant leaking water reaches the inner frames of your roof where the electrical wires are, there could be a short circuit causing a fire in the house. It is always advisable to turn off the electricity in the affected area or getting it fixed immediately.

  • The Ceiling And Attic Gets Damaged

The leaking water from the roof will first affect the attic. In fact, it is the most visible evidence of a leakage. Constant exposure to water can ruin the wall paints and plasters. Long periods of exposure to leakage not only spoil your attic and the items there but can also affect the rooms below. The problem can also extend to ceiling mounted lights and fans.

  • There Is Mold Growth

When the roof leak goes unattended for a long time, there can be serious mold growth. And keep ignoring it, the mold will spread like a virus, affecting the entire structure of your house (they spread through the vents). Molds can attack the walls, floors, ceilings and wood framings. It is extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if it has already spread in the corners.

  • Your Energy Bills Increase

Water leakage affects the attic first, which in turn has a harmful impact on your house’s insulation system. Energy will escape from your house, making it difficult to maintain the temperature indoors. To keep it warm, you will have to draw more energy that will increase your bills significantly.

Thus, neglect can cost you a lot and end in a disaster for you and your family. To ensure that doesn’t happen, here is how you can fix it.

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How To Fix a Leaking Roof

Fixing a leaking roof can be easier than expected. Accumulated water on the roof, broken pipelines and damaged shingles are potential threats you should be looking out for. Frequent inspections of the roof (preferably every 6 months) and the attic can give you a clear idea of any hidden leakages. It is always better to hire roof leak repairs Adelaide based experts to do the work. They know their job and will give their best to prevent the damage from spreading throughout your house. Whatever the hidden cause is, they fix it using the best equipment, giving your roof a long and healthy life.

Leak roof repair cost as put forth by the professionals is cheap and affordable. It doesn’t break your bank. So register with them online and seek help before something sinister happens. The roof is the most important section of your house, so keeping it safe and protected is your responsibility. Before the cost doubles, contain the leakage and save the roof and your house.



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