5 Steps To A Completely New And Restored Tiled Roof

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The roof of your house is subjected to a lot of hardship. It is exposed to natural elements like sun rays, wind, storm, rain and snow. And there is overgrowth which can be do more harm than you realize. To maintain the appeal and the lifespan of the roof, it is important to restore it.

If you have tiled roof, then you can be relived because the process of restoration for the roofs are easier and cheaper. There are a few steps to follow which have been summarized here. Keep reading to find out the method in details.

Step 1: Removing Broken Tiles

One broken tile or multiple damaged ones, it must be removed immediately to ensure that it doesn’t affect the rest. The first step is to move the broken tiles to ensure that the rest of the steps can be performed easily. You can also inspect other forms of damage to ensure that these are repaired before proceeding.

Step 2: Pressure Washing To Remove Debris

Restoring the roof doesn’t only mean removing and replacing tiles. It also applies to cleaning and clearing the roof of debris, and pressure cleaning seems like the best way to do so. Pressure cleaning uses high pressure water from a water blaster all over the roof. The pressure is what cleans the roof of hidden debris. It kills the germs and restores the appeal of the tiled roof to its former glory. Most roof restoration South Australia based companies uses this method to remove dirt from the remotest corner of the roof.

Step 3: Re-Bedding The Tiles

Re-bedding is mostly done for tiled roofs, especially if the ridge caps are loose. During this step, the ridge caps are removed, and the experts lay a new bed of concrete. Once the concrete is dry, pointing is applied. Pointing is the process of covering the gaps between two tiles that prevents water from seeping the roof structure. Many a times, this process is skipped, however, when restoring the roof, make sure that the ridge caps are inspected.

Step 4: Applying Primer

After replacing the tiles, cleaning the roof and changing the ridge caps, the next step is to apply primer or a sealer. Applying a primer helps make the roof waterproof and prevents water from entering the lower structures, which can be disastrous for the entire house. The number of coats required depends on the damage occurred. The older the roof, the thicker should be the primer. Get expert opinion from roof restoration gold coast Australia based companies before proceeding with this step.

Step 5: Painting The Roof

Once the primer dries off, apply a coat of paint to not only finish the restoration work but also give the roof a fantastic appeal. Pick the roof color depending on your surroundings. If you reside in a hot area, go for light colors and if in a cold place, opt for dark shades. This will make your home energy efficient.

Additional tips:

  • Wait for the paint to dry off completely before applying the second coat.
  • Avoid getting the restoration work done during wet seasons or when the probability of getting rain is high.
  • It is always better to get professional help when restoring the roof to avoid accidents and mishaps. The roof restoration Australia based experts know the right method to complete the process and charge a nominal amount to complete the work. It is better to hire them.

Get help from roof experts and let your roof stand out tall and proud.

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