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The roof of your house is responsible for not only protecting you from external elements but it is also responsible for holding the structure of your house. One misstep and the damage can be beyond control. In Australia, there are different types of roofs. Some of the common ones can be recognized as follows. Keep reading to know more. also, learn how to maintain and restore each of the roofs.

Hipped Roofs

A hipped roof is one of the most common types in Australia and has three or more angles or planes in the roof structure. This type of roof works well for all types of weather and are eco-friendly in nature. It provides an all-round protection for the house, especially from the natural elements like rain, wind, and snow. Hipped roofs are also effective against strong winds and can be most commonly noticed in houses located near the coastal areas.

Restoring hipped roof is also easier than the rest. Pressure cleaning them can help increase their durability by a good four to five years.

Hipped Roof

Gabled Roofs

Also known as peaked roofs, gabled roofs are identified by their traditional triangular shape. They come in two roof planes and are connected by a center ridge line. This type of roof offers great space for the attic. Gables roofs are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Most of the old country homes have this type of roof that adds elegance and style to the outlook of the house.

Companies that offer services of roof restoration Australia based can maintain gabled roofs by simply trimming the trees around. Inspection once every six months can ensure that there are no water leakages, which can keep the roofs in their peak condition for a long time.


Flat Roofs

This type of roof has become the crux of modern architecture for quite a few reasons including they are easier to construct, safer, more accessible, economical and minimize the area covered by a roof. Flat roofs are more commonly used for apartment blocks, high rises, and commercial buildings. They can either be constructed using cement or metals, depending on the budget of the owner.

Flat roofs are easier to clean given that there is no hidden debris and water doesn’t stand. Even if there are dents, it can be easily fixed by using some advanced tools and techniques. The normal life expectancy of such roofs is usually 15 years, but with regular inspection, another four or five years can be added to that total.

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Skillion Roofs

Skillion roof is also a modern roof that is also a flat roof but is pitched at a specific angle. This type of roof is not attached to any other roof surface. The term skillion in modern architecture is also referred to as a smaller addition to an existing roof. It is placed at a lower height than the roof of the main structure to create a multi-level exterior for the house. It is also a very practical kind of roof according to the modern architects.

Maintaining these does not take much effort at all. Water slopes down owing to the angle of the skillion roof. Hence, they can be restored without having to spend heap loads of money on them.

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Curved Roofs

Curved roofs as the name suggests is curved. They provide a rounder appearance and have a thicker base metal under them, which might increase the cost of installing and maintaining them. Coastal areas are the most areas for the use of this type of roof.

It can be quite difficult to maintain and restore such types of roofs because internal issues are difficult to detect. They should be inspected once every few months, especially after rain and storm to get rid of underlying debris that if left for a long time can cause damage to the basic structure.

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So now you know that different types of roofs that are available for you. Australia is a vast country with different regions having different types of climate. When choosing the roof of your house, definitely pick one that complements the exterior of your house, but also be careful about the climate for a wrong one can cost you highly.

Regular inspections by professionals will increase the lifespan of the roofs. Roof restoration gold coast Australia based companies do it all- from installing the roofs to maintaining them. Register for their cheap and reasonable services today and be relieved.





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