3 Rooftops And How To Pressure Wash Them Carefully

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Before delving deep into the topic, let us all get familiar with the concept of a pressure washer. In its basic sense, a pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer that uses high pressure to remove debris and other obstructions from the rooftop. It is preferred by many because it brightens and cleans the roof thoroughly giving it a new and shiny look. Though some have high reservation against the use of these machines, if and when used by experts, the result can be pretty satisfying. The key is to use the correct pressure, for excessive force can decrease the life expectancy of the tiles and slates of the roof. Hence, here is list of the different kinds of roofs and the method of using washers on them without harming them in the process.

Composition Roofs

composition roofing

Composition roofs use sand and ceramic which have heat deflecting qualities. They also have an affinity to the recurrent growth of moss and algae. Cleaning them every six or seven months can prevent their evolution and increase the durability of the top. However, suing air compressor or washer on them can eradicate a lot of this precious sand which refracts the sunlight. So high pressure cleaning Adelaide should be done with a lot of caution under expert supervision.

Cedar Shakes Roofs

Cedar Shakes Roofs

Cedar shake roofs are basically made of wood. So maintaining them can be a hassle. A common method of protecting them is to spread oil on the roof. This helps repel water and prevents overgrowth. Using zinc instead of oil can also be very effective. Using of pressure cleaning adelaide can be done once every four to five years. It is also highly recommended to use professional help for wrong application of the process may harm the tiles and deduce their longevity.

Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs

One of the most common methods to construct the roof, tiles requires regular cleaning. The bottom of these too needs a lot of attention. They are extremely prone to leakages and overgrowth; hence, maintaining them on a regular basis is required for a healthy life of both the roof and the house. Pressure washing these roofs needs correct supervision. It has to be completed cautiously as the tiles can break or slip, which may cause some serious injuries. If the water leaks inside, they can come in contact with the electrical wires that may lead to short circuit. So using washers carefully and periodically can do the trick of giving them a shiny and new finish. Low pressure water is best when cleaning these types of roofs.

From rooftop to driveway pressure cleaning Adelaide, prominent companies offer their best services with professionals available at your disposal. The process is also very cost effective as they do not burn a whole in your pocket. For top-notch services, just login online and let your roof enjoy a long life!

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